A Contact Lens Specialisation like no other.

Experts in bespoke custom designed lenses we can fit virtually ANYONE however complicated! If you’ve been told you’re UNSUITABLE, TOO COMPLEX, or have TRIED BEFORE and failed, we’ll prove we’ve Contacts that will work for you!

Most non-specialist Opticians, only supply ‘one fit off the peg’ branded lenses which simply don’t suit everyone, hence many end up as Contact Lens failures – ‘Grief Cases’!

We fit every quality mass produced Contact Lens available but, when it’s obvious none will work or will be a compromise, we revert to OUR speciality – we individually custom design Contacts with which we can correct virtually any error of vision however complex or unusually shaped the eyes!

Custom design is a dying art! Our 3 practitioners have accumulated over 90 years’ experience fitting the most complex Contact Lenses – which is probably why many professional colleagues refer their more complicated patients to us.

From Daily Disposables to 30 Day Sleep In, Bifocals & Multi-focals to correct Astigmatism, we’ve lenses to suit even the most complex. Just one of our dozens of our bespoke designs comes in ONE BILLION fittings!

So, ‘straight forward or complex’ your lenses will be fitted without compromise and – for your complete reassurance – we will even refund fees if you’re not totally satisfied!

contact lens equipment

Our instrument room showing just some of our equipment. Click on each for more.