Clinical Conditions

There are a range of issues that can occur with your eyes. With our specialised equipment and emphasis on aftercare we can often spot these before they become a problem.

If you are suffering from a pre-existing condition don’t worry  – we have gained such a reputation for being able to fit “problem” eyes that many patients are referred to us by other Opticians and Hospital Eye departments because we fit lenses for a whole range of problems.

So no matter what you’re concerned about – if it’s to do with your eyes we can help!

Every eye is different and today there are thousands of different types of contact lenses available from dozens of different manufacturers. Because we’re specialists we fit them all (most opticians fit only a handful of different lenses). That’s one of the reasons why we can help you when others have given up.

The pages in this section contain a brief overview of some of the main clinical conditions that can affect the eyes including some of the latest advice on prevention and treatment.  For further information on clinical conditions that affect the eyes please click on the links below.

Cataract | Allergic Conjunctivitis | Diabetic Retinopathy | Age Related Macular Degeneration | Eyelid Lumps | Glaucoma | Posterior Vitreous Detachment | Blepharitis