Contact Lenses are absolutely excellent for children


Kaya at 2 ½ in 2004

Babies only a few months old are fitted with Contacts if it’s medically necessary. So being too young for Contacts is just a myth.

Obviously it takes more time -and usually more patience – to fit young children, so many opticians prefer not to do so. At the Contact Lens Practice we are happy to work with your child whatever his or her age – our youngest patient was only 2½ years old when we fitted him!

Yes – they can wear contacts and, if short sighted, Ortho-K can stop it getting worse!

kids1For the short sighted child the most exciting lens procedure is Ortho-K or Overnight Vision Correction – you’ll find full details if you Click Here. It is now well proven that by fitting Ortho-K lenses the normal increase in short sight which occurs especially during the teen years can not only be arrested but actually reversed.

That’s why for all short sighted kids, who can handle daily insertion and removal of lenses and who fall within the prescription range for Ortho-K our first advice we will always be Overnight Vision Correction!

As a Parent you might be worried that your child won’t be able to handle the lenses or won’t be able to look after them. With over 30 years experience of fitting children we’ve found that they often make better patients than their parents! In a recent study involving children aged 8-11 who were wearing daily disposable contacts 90% had no trouble inserting or removing them without assistance from their parents. If they are too young to handle putting them in and taking them out parents can be easily taught how to do it – however often we will prescribe weekly or monthly sleep-in lenses so you only have to deal with the ins and outs occasionally.

 Sports and Contact Lenses


kids3Children are often highly motivated to wear Contact Lenses particularly if they dislike wearing glasses, are teased about it at school or play sports.

Contacts are particularly suitable for children who need to wear glasses for sports – even if the glasses have impact-resistant lenses there is still the possibility of the frame breaking if hit by a ball or person. Contacts also provide better peripheral vision which is very important for many sports.

For children who are self conscious about their glasses, contact lenses can do wonders for their self-esteem. In a study conducted in 2007 71% of children aged 8-12 and 79% of teenagers said they preferred wearing contact lenses to glasses.


So if your child is uncomfortable wearing glasses, plays a lot of sports or if you’ve seen a report card that says “X’s glasses are a constant source of inattention, put them on, take them off, play with them”. Come and talk to us, we’ll work to find a solution that works for you and your child!