oct-scannerBecause your ocular health and vision is so important to us we’re one of the first Optometrists to acquire this revolutionary 3 dimensional scanner costing over £70,000 which is not yet available in all Eye Hospitals.

The Ocular Coherence Tomographer (3D-OCT) allows us to see deep inside the RETINA impossible with an Ophthalmoscope or even with a retinal camera. As a result we are now regularly discovering sight threatening diseases and general health problems such as Diabetes whilst they are still TOTALLY invisible with conventional methods.
The importance of a regular annual SCAN cannot be emphasised enough. The microscopic changes under the retina (invisible with an Ophthalmoscope or Camera) is why a SCAN can save your sight!


An Ophthalmoscope or even a Retinal Camera image (above left) ONLY reveals the SURFACE of the retina – the 3D OCT images on the right allow us incredible views deep under the retinal surface.

3D OCT Scans provide early diagnosis of many sight threatening conditions including:

Wet & Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration
Vitreous Detachments
Macula Tears & Holes
Macular Oedema

We offer a FREE 3D OCT for all patients attending for an initial assessment for Contact Lenses – at Private Hospitals the fee for a 3D Scan is usually in excess of £500.

Early detection and treatment of some of these can mean the difference between future blindness and being able to see for the rest of your life!