Welcome to the Contact Lens Practice, a leading Optician for Birmingham

Our team of professional, smart and courteous Opticians will look after your every need from start to finish, and ensure that you get the best advice.

We specialise in every aspect of glasses, from Designer to Budget.

If you are looking for an Optician in the Birmingham area, look no further than The Contact Lens Practice.


Looking for an Eye Exam for new glasses?

Looking for friendly professional care where you are not just another ‘Name & Number’

Do you really want to be just another ‘sales target’ in a queue in a High Street chain OR, would you prefer ‘one to one’ unbiased advice from a team of experts backed by the latest high tech equipment in a private independent family run practice?

Don’t be confused by our practice name!

Just as we lead the field in Contact Lenses when you consult us for glasses your Sight Test & Eye Exam will be conducted with the assistance of the very latest 21st Century technology. We have some equipment which you will not find in most Optical Shops or even in many Hospital Eye departments.

Click here if you want a quick peek at some of our designer frames

We offer unparalleled clinical care backed by the very latest technology and…

  • Free Retinal Photos – over 20 years ago we were pioneers when we bought the UK’s 1st digital camera – a photo however shows us very little compared to a 3D Scan.
  • FREE 3D OCT Scans for all new patients – like an MRI is to the Body – reveals sight threatening eye diseases when still early enough to treat – in the Private Health sector a scan costs about £600 plus Consultants fees!
  • Only a relatively few Opticians have so far invested in a 3D Infra Red Scanner.
  • An initial OBJECTIVE vision analysis using a computerised Auto Refractor.
  • Corneal mapping with a Topographer assists when prescribing for the more complex visual errors.
  • Final SUBJECTIVE ’fine tuning’ for the very best vision using an ‘Electronic Refractor Unit’ – no longer the need for that ancient, uncomfortable and inaccurate ‘Trial Lens Frame’ with a succession of drop in lenses!
  • Visual field screening and Non-Contact Ocular Pressure measurement to screen for Glaucoma for all over 40’s.
  • Electronic Blood Pressure measurement if required.
  • Our advice on the need for Glasses or Contacts is always based ONLY on genuine CLINICAL need – NEVER lead by ‘Sales Targets’ or ‘Bonuses’!
  • A superb range of Glasses from Designer to Budget with our unbeatable ‘Price Match’ promise.
  • Video assistance to help you chose the style and colour you’re going to ‘love most’!
  • An After Care service second to none- our motto – ‘Once a Patient always a Patient’. We want you to be happy with your Eye Wear and our Eye Care!

Complete Single vision specs start at only £49.95, Bifocals from £79.95 and Varifocals from £105.95. We also have a choice of FREE glasses for children and an excellent Designer Range of high fashion frames, including: Prada, Tom Ford, Ted Baker, Police, Oasis, Replay, Oakley, Diesel, Ghost, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Gucci and Givenchy ….  to name just a few.

A retinal photo - useful but doesn't reveal early stages of eye disease - a 3D OCT scan does

3D Macular scan showing the inside of a normal retina.

Wet Macular degeneration can be discovered early but not with a retinal photo

3D Scan showing a vitreous detachment (PVD) impossible to view with a retinal photo.

A Topographer maps the whole corneal shape

High Fashion Frame Designers

Specialised Lensesglasses

We offer a wide variety of specialised lenses including:

  • Thinner light weight lenses for high prescriptions
  • Varifocal, bifocal and trifocal lenses
  • Reactolite lenses
  • Plastic photochromic lenses including Transitions lenses
  • Tinted lenses
  • Scratch Proof lenses
  • Specialist sports lenses including Bollé
  • Anti-reflection lenses

coatingYou might think that there is no lens on the right here, but in fact this is a photo of a pair of glasses where the lens on the left is a normal lens and the lens on the right is an anti-reflection one.

As well as the Price Match Guarantee we offer something else - Individual care and attention, a complete no pressure environment and WE will only advise you need new glasses if they're really clinically necessary!