What is Overnight Vision Correction

Day long correction of up 8 dioptres of Short Sight by wearing a specially designed Contact Lens whilst asleep – like surgery but without any of the risks!

Do you want to get rid of your glasses or daytime contact lenses? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of natural vision ALL DAY long, then Overnight Vision Correction is for you.

Ortho-K (OVC) is FDA approved for safety and has been available for many years. It is practised by only a limited number of specialists because it requires advanced experience and training in rigid lens fitting plus expensive equipment to ‘map’ the shape of the corneal surface. It’s suitable for short-sighted people of all ages, especially children. Ortho-K OVC is an exciting alternative to glasses and laser vision corrections, a more comfortable option to daytime contact lenses.

Fitted when 7 already with 7 dioptres of Short Sight, see what Erin says.

Fitted 2012 age 7 and -7 D Short Sight — Today Erin sees 6/6 without glasses or contacts!

A must for ALL  Shorted Sighted Children because OVC stops or significantly reduces the increases normal during teenage years


Overnight Vision Correction – Ortho-K

Sounds too good to be true?


Try a little experiment – press your eyelid lightly and you’ll notice you’ll have distorted your vision!


The Chinese discovered this science over 2000 years ago BC – they slept with tiny silk  pouches filled with sand on their eyelids – and woke up less Short Sighted!

Find out more about Ortho-K for sport, for children, for dry eye,  for hay fever allergy, for reading.

Why not check if you are suitable to wear over night contact lenses.

WE BELIEVE THAT when a child is first found to be Short Sighted every parent should be told that it’s predictable increase during teens can be safely stopped if OVC lenses are fitted

At THE ORTHO-K PRACTICE  we fit several designs of OVC lenses from a number of different laboratories, including I-GO & EyeDream, giving us more scope – for instance some designs will now correct up to -8.00 dioptres of short sight.

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Click to find out more on our dedicated Ortho-k website at www.ortho-k.co.uk