If you wear Contact Lenses, if you’re thinking about wearing lenses or if you’ve been told that you can’t wear lenses this is The Practice for you!

UNLIKE OTHER OPTICIANS WE SPECIALISE IN CONTACT LENSES. Others may only fit a handful of different CHEAP lenses which severely limits the number of vision errors they’re able to solve; we prescribe hundreds of “off the shelf” lenses and if none of these are suitable for you we’ll design one that is!

The art of designing custom made lenses is fast dying and is no longer taught to student Opticians. This is our forte and what makes us completely different to non-specialist practices, also why so many colleagues refer their complex patients directly to us! We smile when new patients tell us they’ve been told their eyes are ‘the wrong shape’ for contacts – we know of one colleague who fitted his dog with lenses and expensive racehorses routinely pass the finishing post because they’ve had contacts fitted – say no more!

60% of our new patients have either been told that they can’t wear lenses for one reason or another, or have tried lenses and have given up because what they were wearing just wasn’t right for them. We can honestly claim that there is virtually no one that we can’t fit. So, whatever your problem we can fit you with lenses that you will love!

With over 90 years experience in fitting Contact Lenses between our 3 specialists, there are very few problems that we haven’t seen and solved before. Other opticians send us their more complex cases because they know we’ll be able to help.In fact we pride ourselves in specialising in “Grief Cases” people who have tried without success to wear contacts or who have been turned away by other opticians because they were too complicated.


No matter what your prescription – Plus 30 to Minus 30, up to 11 dioptres of Astigmatism or you need varifocals we can find lenses to suit you.

Just one of our custom designed lenses to correct astigmatism comes in ONE BILLION different fittings!

So – If you’ve failed before, been told, or think that you’re unsuitable accept this challenge:-

Arrange a free assessment appointment and HOME trial and we’ll prove to you that no matter what your lifestyle you can happily wear contact lenses – even lenses to sleep in from the very first night if that’s your choice!

The only effective way we can convince ‘doubters’ is our money back guarantee. If we can’t fit you with lenses that you’ll love we’ll refund the fees – believe us – we hardly ever need to do this and we certainly will never give up however difficult or complex your case may be.