Your Eyes

Having good vision and comfortable lenses is important – but so is the long term health of your eyes. That’s why we place so much importance on continuing after care and you’ll be surprised to see the extensive array of equipment we use to assist us – much more than you’ll have seen at an ordinary Opticians. So with over 90 years of specialist expertise, you can feel safe knowing that after we’ve fitted you we’re going to devote our attention to the long term health of your eyes.

Whether you’re short sighted or long, have astigmatism, (need TORICS), eyes damaged by surgery, sore eyes or your arms just aren’t long enough to allow you to read the newspaper anymore; we’ve seen it before and we’ve a solution to all these problems. If anyone has ever told you “you’re too difficult” or left you with lenses that aren’t comfortable, talk to us. We’ll take care of you and guarantee that you’ll be happy with the results!

We also fit Ortho-K lenses for short sight. These flatten the cornea whilst being slept in and, when removed in the morning, give normal vision for a day or more. Exactly the same principle as LASER but without all the risks of surgery and it’s completely reversible! It has now been proven to stop, or even reverse the increase in short sight in young children!

For people suffering from sore, red eyes we run a dry eyes clinic. Dry Eyes is one of the most common complaints we see – for more information about our dry eye clinics visit

So if you have what other opticians have called ‘problem eyes‘ or suffer from a clinical condition – we can help; book your consultation today.