Over 3 million people in the UK are affected by colour blindness – most of them males. It’s caused by a shortage of certain chemicals in the retina. It can vary in severity from only mild impairment in distinguishing red and green to a high degree of confusion.

For many years now we have been fitting Xchrome & ChromaGenTM Contact Lenses and Glasses to improve colour perception. These are coloured lenses that by changing the wavelength of each colour enhance colour perception and discrimination. In trials over 97% of colour blind people reported an improvement in colour vision. This can also lead to improved safety, when hazard or brake lights are more easily identified for example.

The image on the right was created by a colour-blind individual as a demonstration of how he saw the rose without ChromaGen filters (right) and with them (left).

Neuroscientist Professor John Stein of Oxford University has estimated that approximately one in three people who suffer from dyslexia could suffer from the visual form that can be helped by using special coloured filters. (BBC News 2nd July 2003).

ChromaGenTM Lenses for dyslexia have been developed with these coloured filters and have been clinically proven to improve comprehension and reading and writing accuracy. ChromaGenTM is the only patented, US FDA-cleared product for the management of reading disorders through the fitting of coloured Contact Lenses.

For more information on Colour Blindness and Dyslexia go to www.dyslexia-help.co.uk.