Is Refractive or Laser Surgery the best option for your Laser Surgeryeyes? Before you decide please:

• Read below for some of the facts you may not (but should) know about laser surgery • Get in touch for our SPECIALIST advice on whether Contact Lenses are a viable alternative. Even if you’ve been told ‘no’ or tried before, we’d like to prove we’ve got advanced lenses which you could easily wear!

Laser Surgery, Refractive Surgery, Clear Lens extraction – Millions swear by it but hundreds of thousands regret it and live for the rest of their lives with glare, vision below number plate requirement, even pain so, is it as safe as they claim? 

We recommend anyone considering surgery to go to for advice.

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What clinics don’t tell you is that more than half
their business comes by default – up to 80% of
people pay thousands for surgery believing they
can’t wear Contacts because they went to a non
Specialist Optician!

In the UK Refractive Surgery is completely
un-regulated and highly commercial



In the United States, Laser Surgery gained
approval on the basis of FALSE claims that the
failure rate would be below 1% – based on actual
statistics approaching 20% of patients are
dissatisfied with the results

One Ophthalmologist on the original FDA panel 
says that equipment manufacturers and Doctors 
lied about the success rates and is campaigning
to have surgery in the USA banned

Why don’t we hear of the many problems even 
disasters that occur? Simply because virtually all
claims for damages are settled ‘Out of Court’
on the basis of ‘any publicity’ NO CASH –
occasionally though some do get into the
press – read about one typical case which led to a £570,000 pay out
for Laser Damage

There is a UK website where you can get
impartial advice from people who know the Laser
Industry inside out

The Side Effects

One of today’s biggest eye complaints is
‘dry eyes’ –probably the single most frequent side
effect of corneal surgery is induced dry eye!
Clinics should not accept patients with dry eyes
but they do!

We see many people complaining of itchy eyes
and difficulty with bright lights post-operatively –
often all we can advise is a regime of eye drops,
lid sprays and special nutrient tablets.

Are you dry eyed? – click here to self test for dry eyes.

All surgery has risks but when ‘burning’ or
removing part of the cornea the end result is
MAINLY dependent on the individual healing
process and NOT the surgeons skill or equipment,
so success can never be guaranteed.

Clinics are regularly found NOT to give adequate
advice about the risks and side affects –
see Which report

Originally, before it became so commercial no
Surgeon would EVER do two eyes at the same
time because if one went wrong the other
would be likely to fail as well – today with ‘sales’
being the name of the game, even in Harley
Street you get a discount if you have two eyes
done on the same day!

Clinics never tell you that surgery doesn’t stop
eyes changing so when, after a period the sight
naturally changes, patients still have to revert
back to Specs or Contacts

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custom made contact lenses – a safer alternative to laser surgery


Our Topographer. We tailor make ourlenses using
advanced corneal mapping.

As specialists we can fit virtually anyone with
Contacts, some so safe and comfortable that
they are Medically approved in Europe & the
USA for sleeping in for up to a month! Occasionally you hear of problems with Contacts
but it is a simple fact that these are virtually
always the result of careless use by the wearer –
so something easily avoidable!

We are regularly consulted by patients with post Laser problems. Some have had to even stop driving altogether because corneal distortion has reduced their vision below the required driving limit – luckily some of our new Hybrid & Specialist lenses can solve or reduce these problems.  Just one of our specialist lenses comes in ONE BILLION different fits which we custom design with our dedicated Corneal Topographer – High Street Opticians usually fit ‘off the peg one fit’ lenses which simply don’t suit everyone!

Short sighted? Before contemplating surgery you must read all about Ortho-K (otherwise known as Overnight Vision Correction). These special Contacts are worn overnight and gently re-shape the cornea leaving normal vision for the next 24 hours. This is exactly the same principle as burning and removing corneal tissue by laser – but without  the risks of damage, pain etc.

Ortho-K has been practised for over 50 years, doesn’t harm the delicate corneal surface and (unlike surgery) is totally reversible. It even halts the progression of short sight in children. Click here for more on Ortho-K.

We computer generate an image of the fit of various types and fittings of contact lens ‘on screen’ – once satisfied we email the best lens design to the lab for a custom made lens to be fabricated.




Actual fit of the final  ‘virtually’ designed Contact Lens on the patients eye.



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