Our Practice

Our three specialists offer over 95 years of dedicated contact lens experience. Geoff Wilson, the founder – and a leading Contact Lens expert – was the first Optometrist in the UK to set up a practice devoted to fitting contact lenses. He did this in 1973 and has been working closely with lens manufacturers ever since. In 1974 he was one of only 10 Contact Lens Practitioners in the World to clinically trial the very first soft sleep in lens – PERMALENS for the US Food & Drug Administration. As well as continually evaluating new lenses Geoff also designs them; a lens designed by him in 1994 to correct astigmatism is still being fitted by Contact Lens Fitters all over the World. So when you come into the practice you know you’re entrusting your sight to the very best.

One Size Fits All? Or… Just Right For Your Eyes?

Every eye is different and today there are thousands of different types of contact lenses available from dozens of different manufacturers. Because we’re specialists we fit them all (most opticians fit only a handful of different lenses). That’s one of the reasons why we can help you when others have given up. If it should turn out that none of the branded lens designs are ideally suitable for you, this is when Geoff and his colleagues have the unique, and now rare expertise to design bespoke lenses especially to suit you.

If you are short sighted we strongly urge you to look at Ortho-K. These are lenses which are worn overnight which give normal vision for a day or more. All the advantages of Laser Eye Surgery without any of the risks! This is of particular benefit to children and their age isn’t a barrier to fitting lenses.

But our service doesn’t just end with your contact lens – we offer comprehensive after care, a service which has been the secret of our success since 1973. Our Annual After Care Check covers the pathology of the whole eye, screening for eye diseases plus specialist Contact Lens checks which, are vital for your future ocular welfare. Every 2 years we also carry out a full Sight Test for glasses (and we can provide you with glasses as well so you have a pair for emergencies.)