Geoff's consulting room in 1973

Day One – 13th February 1973

The Modern Consulting Room

As we are today

How it all started. From the beginning Geoff has been a trailblazer. Starting in 1973 when he opened this Practice fitting only Contact Lenses – something that was virtually unheard of at the time – he was way ahead of other Opticians.

From his previous experience elsewhere he recognized that fitting Contact Lenses required far more specialised skills than fitting glasses and felt that only by dedicating himself to this art would he be able to offer the best service and most choice for contact lens patients. As someone who wears Contacts Geoff was totally convinced of the benefits and wanted to be able to share these with his patients.

The Contact Lens Practice was considered to be so unusual that it was featured in “The Optician” – the professional journal for the industry. With their permission some extracts of that article can be found here – so have a look if you’d like read about it and to see Geoff with long hair.

In those days Opticians were not allowed to advertise, so starting a new practice was a very risky business. Geoff had to rely entirely on referrals from other Opticians and satisfied patients who would tell their friends. Now as then our only “advertising” comes from satisfied patients who tell their friends, and other Opticians who recognize that Geoff’s expertise is what their patients need. Nowadays this word of mouth advertising is competing with the massive budgets of high street chains, and the fact that he is still in business and flourishing 37 years later is a tribute to his skill and dedication to seeing that his patients really do get lenses they are delighted with.

So please, if you’re happy with our service and your lenses tell your friends and in the unlikely event that you are not totally delighted then tell us so that we can do what is necessary to see that you are!