Visiting Us

Visiting the Contact Lens Practice will be a whole new experience – very different to a visit to a regular optician. For a start you’ll need to allow up to 2 hours for your first visit – but don’t worry tea and coffee is available if you need it.

We need this amount of time so that we can get to know you and understand your lifestyle and previous history (if any) with contacts. This will help you and us decide which type of Contacts are most suitable for you. But that’s only one side of the coin. In order to know what our options are we need to do a thorough examination of your eyes and vision – don’t worry it’s entirely painless! As you can see in a video of one of our assessments we have an extensive range of equipment that we use to measure and examine your eyes.

We’ve invested over £250,000 in specialist equipment most of which you won’t find in a normal opticians. Depending on your age and vision error we may use some or all of this equipment to aid us in our diagnosis.

We’ll also want you to fill out a questionnaire just to give us some background and health information which may impact the choice of Lens for you. You can do that now online if you wish so it is all ready when you get to us. We are based in 1st floor rooms immediately opposite New Street Station in central Birmingham and there are plenty of maps available if you are not familiar with Birmingham.

Remember, your first assessment is always free! To book now please get in touch.