Contact Lenses for Complex Prescriptions – Torics for Astigmatism, Bifocals & Vaifocals etc.

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Astigmatism/Torics | Presbyopia/Over 40’s | Nystagmus | Scleral Lenses | Squints or Turns | Therapeutic Lenses | AneisometropiaKeratoconus

Do you think you’re too complicated for contacts? Do you have problem eyes?

Errors of vision come in all sorts; from relatively straight forward long or short sightedness and astigmatism to highly complex cases usually seen in Hospital Eye Departments. What they all have in common is that Contact Lenses – usually bespoke custom made lenses – can solve the problem. Practitioners with the expertise to design and fit such lenses are becoming fewer and these skills are no longer taught to new graduates.

The Contact Lens Practice is unique! We’ve been fitting bespoke custom made lenses since 1973 and have only had a handful of patients that we couldn’t fit. We fit Contacts to correct up to 30 dioptres of spherical error and astigmatism to 12 dioptres.

So, if you think or have been told you’re too complex or unsuitable, think again! It’s almost certainly not true!

The biggest single advance helping us to cater for the most complex, especially astigmatism is the Duette hybrid lens – it’s soft skirt & rigid centre makes it probably the best Contact Lens yet made !

Complex patients and difficult errors of vision are our speciality – we’d get bored without a challenge!

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