Therapeutic Lenses

Since their beginning in the 1880s Contact Lenses have been used not only to correct errors of vision but have also been used extensively to treat medical eye problems. This is known as Therapeutic use.

Most Eye Hospitals have a Contact Lens Department and millions of people today owe their sight to the use of Contact Lenses to correct, contain or even cure a whole range of pathological eye conditions. Patients fitted with Therapeutic Lenses range from those only a few months old to elderly patients with chronic “dry eye syndrome”.

Many people with exceptionally high or complex prescriptions can’t meet driving test standards with glasses but can do so with Contact Lenses. Generally patients who need Contacts for therapeutic reasons are seen at hospital eye clinics and are eligible to have them fitted under the Health Service. However because the waiting lists there can often be very long some turn to us for advice and a solution to their problem.

If a case is too complex for us to deal with we can refer you to appropriate specialists in the NHS or privately as required.

Disfigured eye caused by Trauma Eye corrected with Cosmetic Soft Lens

Disfigured eye without Contact Lenses Disfigured eye with Contact Lenses

Just two examples how we can cosmetically improve a severely disfigured eye.