Toric Contact Lenses to correct Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a very common condition. In fact most people have some degree of astigmatism but only some are aware of it, therefore we use Torics for Astigmatism. Unless the front surface of your eye (the cornea) is perfectly round, with equal curvatures like a soccer ball, you have astigmatism. For most people with astigmatism the curvature of the cornea looks more like a rugby ball than a soccer ball. As a result of this uneven curvature light is focused at two different points on the retina causing blurring or double vision in more severe cases. Special TORIC contact lenses, often being bespoke and custom made are required.

Torics for Astigmatism

Astigmatism – uncorrected                       Astigmatism – corrected

Regular spherical Contact Lenses will only correct minor degrees of astigmatism; as the degree of astigmatism becomes greater, more complex Toric Contact Lenses are needed. Many opticians don’t have the experience or the time to fit Torics so tell patients that they are unsuitable.

This is virtually never the case – we regularly fit patients with extreme levels of astigmatism giving them vision superior to anything possible with glasses- even with Torics to sleep in!

Toric Lenses

After receiving American Food & Drugs Administration approval, the Biocompatibles Proclear Toric Lens is now marketed by CooperVision and millions are being fitted by Contact Lens  Practitioners all over the World.

Some patients come to see us knowing they have astigmatism and having been fitted with Toric Lenses, but they still don’t achieve vision as good as with their glasses. If the focusing lens inside the eye is also irregular in shape, the fitted Contact Lens design will twist – causing what’s known as lenticular astigmatism.

We use a sophisticated Topographer as a basic procedure for all of our patients, to produce an accurate map of the front surface of the cornea. This immediately tells us how much astigmatism is ‘lenticular’ and how much ‘corneal’. Lenticular astigmatism, contrary to some people’s belief, CAN be corrected with contacts but usually requires more complex bi-toric lenses as well as the skills of a really experienced Contact Lens Practitioner.

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