These testimonials are extracts from a few of the letters and emails we’ve received. To read the full texts see below.

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Mr. I.D. Customer Relations Manager, Stourbridge

Hi Geoff,

Just wanted to write firstly to thank you for answering my e-mail personally and to Gale for her helpfulness.

I came into the practice today and saw Adrian who managed to put my mind at rest about some of the things the other  opticians had been telling me. It was nice to see him again both personally and professionally I am pleased to return to the high standards of lens care I had been used to. I would also like to commend Luke, who did some tests before I saw Adrian, for being so professional and friendly towards me and also to your front of house staff too. I was made to feel very welcome by them.

I am amazed how good a practice you run and the quality of the equipment you have there. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone.


Mrs MC, Housewife – Cheshire

Prior to becoming a patient at The Contact Lens Practice I began to have difficulties finding a reputable optician with the experience to be able to fit my lens and correct my vision without repeated visits and a succession of different lens. In fact I was actively discouraged by two High Street opticians who preferred to offer me their latest designer glasses.

I have worn contact lens for a long time and think they are the best invention ever. Although my vision is poor, the wearing of Contact Lens has not only improved my sight but also improved my self confidence. For me, wearing Contact Lens means no more wearing glasses which get wet and steamed up in damp weather. It also means that my peripheral vision is not impaired by glasses

I’m glad I didn’t listen to all those people who tried to discourage me from wearing Contact Lenses. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”


Kaya 2004

Kaya aged 9

Kaya 2011

Kaya – Our Youngest Patient

Kaya was just 2 ½ when we fitted him. Having a squint he needed one eye ‘covered’ but he just wouldn’t wear glasses so Contacts proved the saving grace! Initially we chose monthly sleep ins but, when he found he was the centre of attraction if he rubbed them out, we decided on daily disposables for economic reasons.

Mr PR, Head Teacher – West Yorkshire

For over 30 years I have been visiting this Practice and have always found the service and quality of care to be outstanding.I am happy to make the annual journey from North Yorkshire for my check ups as I know it will be thorough, using the latest equipment, supported by caring staff resulting in the best appropriate lenses to provide optimum vision. There’s good after care too! I would recommend The Contact Lens Practice to anyone who cares about their eyes.

Llewella Bailey

Llewela Bailey – Carlton TV Presenter’

I’ve been using contact lenses for almost ten years now, and can’t imagine life without them! They’re so comfortable, and I have no difficulty with dry eyes – a problem for TV presenters working under bright lights. I would thoroughly recommend this type of eye wear to everyone.’

Mr SW, Ocean Racing Yachtsman – Cowes IOW

I first went to Geoff because I wanted lens for sailing in, glasses were useless after the first face full of salt water. My optician tried but the lens were so uncomfortable I nearly gave up. A friend told me to try Geoff, that was 30 years ago and I have worn lenses ever since. The big improvement came with lens I could sleep in as when yacht racing offshore you get three hours on and three hours off and you certainly don’t want to be putting lens in and out. On a Fastnet race that took four days I never had to remove or clean my lens once, it was just like having good vision again. As a testament to the service I still travel back to Birmingham for my appointments even though I now live on The Isle of Wight.

Dave Wilkinson – Mountain Climber

Dave WilkinsonDave Wilkinson has been climbing mountains all over the world for over 30 years, with many first ascents to his name. Early on he wore glasses, but for the past 20 years he has used contact lenses fitted by Geoff Wilson’s Contact Lens Practice.”Glasses always cause problems in the mountains. Rain and snow stick to the lenses and obscure the view, and when you’re on the move in fine weather, perspiration condenses, with the same effect. Sweaty skin causes irritation where they touch nose and ears, and the glasses sometimes slip and fall off. Since I changed to lenses, I can just pop them in, forget about them for days, get on with my climbing.”

Mrs MS, Senior HR Consultant – Gloucestershire

“I’ve been coming to the practice for over 25 years having been told I was unfittable. I have been wearing lenses all day and every day since that first visit. I have been consistently impressed by the range of contact lens materials available (often right at the forefront of technology) and the high level of general eye health monitoring that is on offer. I don’t think I would ever have been able to find a comfortable contact lens without Geoff and his team.”

Jane Sixsmith MBE – International Hockey Player

Jane Sixsmith MBEI didn’t realise how badly my eyes had deteriorated until I couldn’t see the hockey ball under floodlights. I started off wearing glasses but quickly realised that a hockey ball can travel at 100 mph and perhaps glasses weren’t the safest option. I was then prescribed contact lenses and have never looked back since, gaining 323 international appearances for England and Great Britain winning medals at Olympic, Commonwealth and European level.
It’s amazing what you take for granted, I know if it hadn’t have been for contact lenses I would have definitely struggled to compete at the highest level.
I would strongly recommend anyone that is thinking about wearing lenses to try them; it will change the way you live!


Mr HL, Retiree – France

I’m delighted to tell the world about the wonders of contact lenses and especially of the service from your practice.I’ve been a client now for goodness how many years, forty I think! Cared for by Adrian who I have come to think of as a personal friend. The staff at ALL levels treat you with the utmost kindness and courtesy. Nothing but genuine care with a smile.I love wearing contacts because whatever the weather they are so easy. No raindrops on the glasses and comfortable to put on ordinary sun glasses instead of fiddling around with clip-on’s. I was a hay fever sufferer all my life till I passed 70. Having a lens on kept the pollen grains away from irritating the eyes and therefore were much more comfortable in the grass season. Not being good looking but vain! Getting rid of those awful frames around the eyes which I’d had to put up with through all my teenage/early years was such a relief. At least folks could see me and not the glasses!! Now I’m living away in France, I still on my annual family Christmas visit make an appointment for a checkup. So I feel I’m well looked after and know that in any case help is only a phone call or email away.With sincere thanks for all the years your practice has looked after me. Long may it continue.


Joe Jordan – Gynaecologist

Joe JordanBefore I met Geoff Wilson 30 years ago I was unable to wear contact lenses. However over the years, I have appreciated the expertise and patience charismatic of Geoff Wilson which have allowed me to wear lenses on an ongoing basis both for distance and reading! Thank you Geoff.
A Miracle! After 46 years I now have contact lenses which for the very first time, I can wear for 24 hours day after day after day. When first given the Pure Vision lens, i was hoping for perhaps 12-15 hours of wear and I still find it unbelievable that in one step I have gone from a daily lens to monthly sleep in lenses. Thank you Geoff!


Ms LF, Student – Birmingham

I am 16 years old and currently have I-GO lenses which are absolutely fabulous and have completely changed my life! I am short sighted and play a lot of sport, so not being able to clearly see what is happening down the other end of the court was a problem for me, but my lenses have made everything so much better! Getting Contact Lenses was a great decision as I don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing my glasses and I have brilliant eyesight all day long.


Mrs CW, Hairdresser – Birmingham

I have been a patient at The Contact Lens Practice for 25 years. I joined because no other optician would even consider prescribing Lenses for me. Over the years I think I have tried every new improved lens produced to correct my astigmatism and sight defect in Geoff’s pursuit for perfection. I found not wearing glasses liberating, they used to slip down my nose when working and also get covered in hairspray.


Mrs JB, Optician’s Receptionist – The Wirral.

I was one of Geoff Wilson’s first patients when he established his new practice in 1973. So satisfied have I been with Geoff’s expertise in contact lenses and after care that I still travel to Birmingham to consult Geoff even though I live in Cheshire and work for an Optician.I have worn contact lenses all day and every day since I was first fitted without any problems.


Mrs HW, Medical Practice Manager – Birmingham

I became a patient at The Contact Lens Practice in 1975. The fact that I’m still a patient 35 years later surely illustrates my satisfaction with the excellent care and attention I have received over the years.I am extremely short-sighted with astigmatism and have undergone surgery to repair retinal detachments in both eyes. Despite this, expertly fitted Contacts enable me to enjoy life to the full. Driving, reading, using the computer every day at work and home, all things are possible! I love the freedom Contacts give me – walking in the rain without splashes on your specs, not steaming up when you go into a warm room on a cold day… silly little things, I know, but it’s the little things in life that are important!


Mr ST, Solicitor’s Clerk – Cannock

I have been a patient at The Contact Lens Practice for approximately 30 years now. My eyes have changed considerably over the years and I now have astigmatism. The lenses I wear at the moment stay in the eyes day and night for a month enabling me to see clearly 24/7 without the need for specs or surgery – and I really do love them as I can simply forget that my eye problems exist. All of the members of staff are very pleasant and helpful and I have been more than happy to recommend the Practice to several people over the years. I would urge anyone with any kind of sight problem to contact The Contact Lens Practice, as there is frankly nothing at all to lose but so much to gain!