Can Coloured Contact Lenses Help With Visual Dyslexia?

Over 16% of the British population is affected by dyslexia, including famous faces such as Richard Branson, John Lennon, Keira Knightley, Jamie Oliver and Holly Willoughby. The common learning disorder affects areas of the brain that process language and primarily manifests in difficulty reading.

Undiagnosed adults and children can experience words jumping around the page, an inability to concentrate, visual stress, exhaustion and debilitating migraines, which can disrupt performance at work and in the classroom.

However, although there’s no cure for dyslexia, it is estimated that around a third of people with the condition might suffer from visual dyslexia, the symptoms of which are possible to mitigate with innovative coloured contact lenses.

Back in 1999, pioneering clinical trials by British scientists found that coloured contact lenses could help people with visual dyslexia. The most recent study of 400 dyslexic children found that 90% reported a significant improvement in reading, writing and comprehension skills whilst wearing specialist coloured lenses for dyslexia, showing a minimum 45% improvement over the 6-month assessment period. Could bespoke coloured contact lenses be the solution for you or your child?

Here at the Contact Lens Practice we’re visual dyslexia experts in Birmingham and an official licensed ChromaGen™ practitioner. Our expert optometrists specialise in assessing dyslexic patients’ suitability for coloured contact lenses and fitting them with a tint perfectly matched to their unique preference.

But how do coloured contact lenses work?

If you have visual dyslexia, it is thought that there is a disruption in the way information is passed through the magnocellular pathway from the retina to the brain’s visual cortex. Specialised ChromaGen lenses alter the wavelength of each colour, re-calibrating the speed that signals are passed from your eye to your brain, selectively changing the speed of information to re-balance the wearer’s perception of text.

At the Contact Lens Practice we use patented ChromaGen lenses and dyslexia testing to reliably screen for visual dyslexia in adults and children alike. After a comprehensive eye examination to assess for other underlying issues, our highly qualified optometrists will use a colourimeter to test your reaction to an array of different colour combinations. One colour combination may trigger an immediate improvement – with sample text becoming clearer and reading speeds increasing – indicating you’ll most likely benefit from ChromaGen lenses.

Once fitted with coloured contact lenses for dyslexia, many of our dyslexic patients report improved reading, writing and comprehension skills and an instant boost in self-esteem.

So if you or a member of your family suffers from dyslexia, book a ChromaGen lenses and dyslexia assessment at the Contact Lens Practice, your visual dyslexia experts in Birmingham. Either give us a call on 0121 643 3848 or book online here.