How Your Christmas Dinner Menu Could Improve Your Eye Health

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As you pile your plate up for your Christmas meal in Birmingham with thoughts of all the jogs required to burn off the festive pounds, you might be relieved to discover that many of the foods are a feast for your eyes!  Your visual health stands to benefit from a nutrients-boost on the 25th of December, so our team at the Contact Lens Practice have compiled a list of the top Christmas foods for eye health…

  • Roast Turkey

Underrated throughout the rest of the year, turkey is presumably going to be the centrepiece of your Christmas menu in Birmingham and is a brilliant source of protein, which helps keep your retina in good health. It also contains a healthy portion of zinc, vital for protecting against macular degeneration and cataracts.

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  • Brussel Sprouts

Love them or loath them, sprouts are a staple of the Christmas dinner menu and are packed with vision-boosting nutrients.  Vitamins A, C and K fuel your macula’s ability to block out blue light, thereby protecting your vision from damage from digital devices over the festive break.  These divisive Christmas dinner trimmings are also loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin which keep your retina operating at full strength.

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  • Carrots & Parsnips

One of the most nutritious Christmas foods for eye health- carrots and parsnips – are a colourful addition to the festive feast. True to the old legend, carrots contain beta-carotene and vital antioxidants, which help prevent cataracts. Combined with vitamin-A rich parsnips, this root vegetable side dish also boosts macular function and wards of macular degeneration.

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  • Red Cabbage

The deep purple colour of red cabbage signifies its nutrient-richness.  Indeed, one portion contains a third of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A, essential for maintaining strong visual health, making it one of the best Christmas dinner trimmings.  Braise it with apple for the perfect addition to your Christmas meal in Birmingham.

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  • Cranberry Sauce

Although it’s best to make it from fresh cranberries, shop-bought cranberry sauce out of a jar also contains nutrients beneficial to your eye health.  Vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants are crammed into these tiny red berries, promoting healthy eye tissues and protecting your cornea, making it the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas dinner.

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Last but not least, two dubious claims that the Contact Lens Practice team have heard recently…

  • Mulled Wine

Recent research seems to suggest that red wine could boost your eye health.  Red grape skin contains high concentrations of resveratrol, a nutrient which protects your retina from the growth of harmful blood vessels and helps stave of macular degeneration.  Could this mean your favourite festive tipple is actually good for your eyes? Our opticians in Birmingham have ‘mulled’ it over – the conclusion? Probably still best to consume in moderation!

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  • Chocolate

Chocolate yule log is the pudding of choice on the Christmas menu in Birmingham and all around the UK! Luckily for us, a short scientific study has suggested that dark chocolate could improve your eyesight. Trial subjects reported better vision after eating a bar of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, however, the trial was too small to be significant. As if we ever needed an excuse to eat chocolate, but go easy on these delectable puddings nonetheless!

There you have it – enjoy your festive meal with the knowledge that you could be helping your eyes! If you need any more advice on eye nutrition or would like to book an appointment for an eye test at your local opticians in Birmingham during Christmas, contact us online or call us on 0121 643 3848 to find out our opening hours over the festive period.

Thank you for your custom and loyalty as always – we’re looking forward to seeing you in 2019!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Contact Lens Practice team!