New Year, New You: Ortho K Contact Lenses for Adults

Do you ever wish you could reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses without having to undergo laser eye surgery?

That prospect could be a reality with Orthokeratology – or Ortho K – the FDA approved overnight vision correction that is now worn by hundreds of thousands of people.

Ortho K contact lenses for overnight vision correction without the need for prescription glasses


Ortho K lenses are bespoke gas permeable contact lenses that work by gradually reshaping your cornea while you sleep to give you crystal clear vision when you remove them the following morning. Think about these extraordinary lenses in roughly the same way you would regard wearing retainers at night for your teeth, and when you wake up, the vision correction lasts all day!

Ortho K contact lenses are typically prescribed to correct short-sightedness and can also be used to slow the progression of myopia in children. According to one US study, 67% of candidates achieve 20/20 vision or better following Orthokeratology treatment, with 70% of vision correction occurring after the first night alone.

You can also have peace of mind with the knowledge that Ortho K can be stopped at any time, once you have seen your contact lens practitioner. This will allow you to return to wearing glasses or normal contact lenses as previously, if you do ultimately that find they suit your lifestyle needs better.

You can also still opt for laser eye surgery if you have tried Orthokeratology in the UK, but you’ll need to discontinue using the lenses to allow time for your eyes to return to their usual shape before being assessed for it.

Am I suitable for Ortho K contact lenses?

The majority of myopic (short sighted) adults with prescriptions typically between -1.00 and -4.00 are potentially good candidates for Ortho K contact lenses, although we have fitted them for prescriptions up to -8.00 before! Orthokeratology is ideal for those who work in dusty environments, suffer from Dry Eye, or are involved in contact sports unsuited to wearing contact lenses.

Children who are too young for laser eye surgery could also benefit from Ortho K lenses in the same way, giving them more freedom during their active day and allowing more parental supervision with the insertion of removal of lenses occurring solely at home.

How do we fit Ortho K lenses?

Orthokeratology is a highly specialised treatment, so your lenses will need to be fitted by one of our expert and experienced contact lens practitioners.

During your appointment, we’ll take the time to go through your requirements and check your vision and health of your eyes, before using a corneal topographer to measure your corneas’ curvature and create a map of it to ensure the perfect fit. We’ll then be able to order custom-made lenses that will be fitted at a later date, once they arrive in practice.

Your contact lens practitioner will use this next appointment to ensure the lenses fit correctly over your eye and to teach you how to insert and remove these lenses correctly and safely. Once they are satisfied that you can do so with relative ease, you’ll take your lenses away to wear them overnight for the first time.

You’ll then return for an appointment the following morning so we can check your vision and see how much correction has occurred. This appointment allows us to see if any tweaks or adjustments are needed to the fitting of your lenses or whether they are working to their optimum ability.

We’ll make sure you have as many follow up appointments during the initial stages as necessary for us to get your Ortho K lenses working smoothly for you – we are contact lens perfectionists who won’t settle for any less!

Your lenses will usually be replaced every six months with a fresh pair, and you’ll also have aftercare appointments with us in the same way as you would do for normal contact lenses, so we can regularly monitor your vision.

How long do Ortho K contact lenses take to work?

Many patients experience a 70% improvement in their vision after only one night of wearing these incredible lenses, but for higher prescriptions, it can take longer for your eyes to reach maximum correction.

You may notice the lenses when you first start wearing them, but they’ll become less noticeable as you become accustomed to them.

The Contact Lens Practice is one of the most reputable centres for Orthokeratology in the UK , so if you’re interested in getting Ortho K lenses or would like to find out more, why not chat through your options with a member of our expert and friendly team? Simply send your enquiry online or give us a ring on 0121 643 3848 .