Polarised sunglasses vs. Normal sunglasses – What makes them different?

Summer is finally coming. This means we’ve started talking to our customers about the different kinds of sunglasses that you can get from our opticians in Birmingham city centre. We match high-quality lenses with designer frames to create a great look and a stunning visual experience. One of the great options we offer is for polarised lenses.

What are polarised lenses?

Polarised lenses can be described as ‘anti-glare sunglasses’. They are designed to allow certain patterns of light through to your visual receptors while blocking out others. Light is absorbed and reflected by the surfaces around us. The different wavelengths that result are the signals that our eyes interpret to give us a picture of the world.

Water, snow, glass or other reflective surfaces reflect light in a horizontal direction. The waves bundle together and create a confusing, overwhelming glare.

Polarised lenses block these horizontal light waves. They prevent them from interfering with the efficient interpretation of other light waves, using minute rows of crystals, or by using dyes. It may help to think about it as a set of blinds. You can set them to offer shade and protection in your room, while you can still see through them to the outside world.

Polarised sunglasses vs. normal sunglasses

Normal sunglasses provide protection from bright light and a level of defence against UVA and UVB rays. Polarised lenses do this as well, but because of the special way that they block light, they can also offer added benefits. This often makes them the best sun protection choice.

Advantages include greater clarity when it comes to colours and general vision. They can also lead to a reduction in squinting and eye strain as you no longer struggle to see clearly in bright or reflective conditions.

In rare instances, people can find that polarised lenses cause them to feel disorientated. This means that they may need to revert to normal sunglasses. Some jobs may be prohibitive to polarised sunglasses as they can make it difficult to see LCD displays.

Polarised lenses are particularly suitable for you if you spend a lot of time around water or reflective surfaces. They can also improve visual acuity during certain sporting and leisure activities.

Helping you choose the right lenses

When you visit The Contact Lens Practice, we’ll take the time to talk to you about which lenses are right for you. Booking an eye appointment is great for your optical health, but it can also help to improve your experience of the world. You may want to get different glasses for the various seasons and aspects of your life.

Sometimes we talk to people about polarised lenses in anticipation of the fact that the benefits will work for them. Other times, recommending polarised lenses might be a response to difficulty with normal lenses.

In all cases, we work with you to find the perfect fit and visual experience. To take advantage of this personalised service with experienced opticians in Birmingham city centre, get in touch to book your appointment at The Contact Lens Practice.