New ACUVUE® OASYS Transitions™ Contact Lenses coming soon!

With the summer sun set to grace our shores again next week, you may have already spotted people sporting glasses with Transitions™ lenses. Lucky them – they needn’t go through the hassle of swapping their glasses for sunglasses when the bright sunlight gets too much! But where does that leave you as a contact lens wearer? Well, now, you’re in luck too – we’re excited to announce the impending arrival of Acuvue® Oasys Transitions™ contact lenses at our opticians in Birmingham city centre!

A technological breakthrough

Acuvue Oasys® light adaptive contact lenses are a truly innovative step forward in contact lens technology, which is why at The Contact Lens Practice, as well-known contact lens specialists, we had to get hold of them as soon as possible. Developed by Johnson & Johnson Vision and Transitions Optical, these are the first contacts to have built-in light intelligent technology, in the same way Transitions™ lenses do for glasses.

They were named one of Time magazine’s best inventions of 2018 and are set to change the contact lens market. Now, they’ve received the CE mark, a symbol applied to all products that pass the EU’s strict directives regarding health and safety, these lenses are being rolled out across Europe, including the UK.

What do you get with Acuvue Oasys® Transitions?

Acuvue Oasys® light adaptive contact lenses are currently available as 2-weekly reusable contact lenses. Packaged in boxes of 6, the lenses should be stored away from direct sunlight. Now onto what they can do for your vision!

Acuvue Oasys® Transitions lenses offer 100% protection against UVB rays and more than 99% protection against UVA rays. Not only that, they seamlessly change from clear to dark in response to changing light conditions, whether you are outside or indoors. And by seamless, we mean darkening in less than a minute and returning to clear when no longer in bright conditions in around 90 seconds.

Whether you’re switching on a bright laptop screen, dashing out to play sports in the midday sun or sat under the glaring fluorescent lights of an office, these lenses will adjust accordingly. At their darkest, they block out up to 70% of visual light. It’s important to note however, that they do not get as dark as sunglasses and should not be considered a replacement for them – protective eyewear for bright sunlight is still a must for wearers.

The impact on your visual health according to research carried out with wearers using these lenses versus wearers using normal contacts, include:

  • faster recovery from bright sunlight
  • reduced squinting
  • more enhanced contrast between colours.

Altogether, Acuvue Oasys® Transitions lenses provide a more comfortable visual experience, all the while correcting your vision and preventing UV damage.

Want to get hold of Acuvue Oasys® Transitions?

If you want to try these cutting-edge contact lenses, keep an eye on our social media, or get in touch to ask our friendly staff about their availability. We’re expecting them in-store soon and we can’t wait to see the difference they make to our customers’ visual experience!