Kate Spade glasses — new eyewear now in!

Is your look all about joy and colour? For fashion-forward ladies looking to make a statement with their glasses, there is no better choice than Kate Spade. Late New York designer Kate Spade’s collection is all about living colourfully and she first made her splash on the fashion scene with an exclusive collection of handbags. The fashion world was sent aflutter and in just over a decade, Kate Spade established her presence as the go-to brand for optimistic feminism.

We’re proud to offer the latest optical frames from this powerfully positive brand of eyewear in-store at The Contact Lens Practice. Here’s a little bit more about Kate Spade’s story and the evolution of Kate Spade eyewear.

Hello Mademoiselle

Glasses by Kate Spade don’t follow the crowd, they set the trend. That creativity stemmed from Kate herself, who began her career as a fashion editor at Mademoiselle magazine. Surrounded by the very latest trends in fashion, she soon was inspired to create a collection of handbags that were uniquely Kate Spade. Her designs were met with such acclaim by fellow fashion aficionados and indeed women from all walks of life, that Kate soon expanded her designs to other areas.

Kate Spade New York is now established as a leading lifestyle brand. Clothes, shoes, handbags, home decor, tech accessories and of course eyewear are all part of her repertoire and has led to global success, with Kate Spade UK showing the world that her sense of style is just as popular over on this side of the pond.

All eyes on you

Kate Spade eyewear has a distinctive look, drawing inspiration from 1950s and 1960s styles but with modern twists that continue to reinvent eyewear fashion for today. Cat-eye frames have never looked so current but there are shapes to suit every face shape within the Kate Spade collection.

Bold designs, fine details, bright colours and sophisticated patterns are all par for the course with a pair of Kate Spade frames. It’s the mix of features and design elements that really sets Kate Spade apart from other brands; gold edging meets bold colour blocks, mesmerising stripes meet sophisticated tones, floral meets tortoiseshell, the combinations are endless. And, of course, each frame is finished with the iconic Kate Spade logo, an ace of spades.

Make your statement

With so many enticing colours, patterns and styles to choose from, you’re certain to find a pair of Kate Spade optical frames that speak to your sense of femininity, fun and flair. In fact, if anything, you may find yourself spoilt for choice, but that’s where our in-store team can help narrow things down with their expert advice. Find your perfect Kate Spade glasses by visiting The Contact Lens Practice, your opticians in Birmingham city centre, today.