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Prior to becoming a patient at The Contact Lens Practice I began to have difficulties finding a reputable optician with the experience to be able to fit my lens and correct my vision without repeated visits and a succession of different lens. In fact I was actively discouraged by two High Street opticians who preferred to offer me their latest designer glasses.

I have worn contact lenses for a long time and think they are the best invention ever. Although my vision is poor, the wearing of contact lenses has not only improved my sight but also improved my self confidence. For me, wearing contact lenses means no more wearing glasses which get wet and steamed up in damp weather. It also means that my peripheral vision is not impaired by glasses.

I’m glad I didn’t listen to all those people who tried to discourage me from wearing Contact Lenses. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done

Mrs M.C

For over 30 years I have been visiting this practice and have always found the service and quality of care to be outstanding. I am happy to make the annual journey from North Yorkshire for my check ups as I know it will be thorough, using the latest equipment, supported by caring staff resulting in the best appropriate lenses to provide optimum vision. There’s good after care too! I would recommend The Contact Lens Practice to anyone who cares about their eyes.

Mr P.R

I have been visiting Adrian for about three months now and I have been so pleased with the help I have received towards finding a suitable contact lense for me. I have also bought a lovely pair of glasses too. The girls are also fantastic and have posted both my contact lenses and glasses to me when I couldn’t get in to collect them…It was no trouble at all. I highly recommend visiting The Contact Lense Practice if you want to receive top quality service and outstanding lenses and glasses.

Ms K.S

I first went to the Contact Lens Practice because I wanted lenses for sailing in, glasses were useless after the first face full of salt water. My optician tried but the lenses were so uncomfortable I nearly gave up. A friend told me to try the Contact Lens Practice, that was over 30 years ago and I have worn lenses ever since. The big improvement came with a lens I could sleep in as when yacht racing offshore you get three hours on and three hours off and you certainly don’t want to be putting lens in and out. On a Fastnet race that took four days I never had to remove or clean my lens once, it was just like having good vision again. As a testament to the service I still travel back to Birmingham for my appointments even though I now live on The Isle of Wight.

Mr S.W

I have been a patient at The Contact Lens Practice for approximately 30 years now. My eyes have changed considerably over the years and I now have astigmatism. The lenses I wear at the moment stay in the eyes day and night for a month enabling me to see clearly 24/7 without the need for specs or surgery, and I really do love them as I can simply forget that my eye problems exist. All of the members of staff are very pleasant and helpful and I have been more than happy to recommend the Practice to several people over the years. I would urge anyone with any kind of sight problem to contact The Contact Lens Practice, as there is frankly nothing at all to lose but so much to gain!

Mr S.T

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