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Who’s Who in Optics


The Optometrist (or Ophthalmic Optician) has “A” level entrance along with University degree training and is qualified to examine the eye for normality and carry out sight testing and the fitting of glasses and contact lenses. Although they are not a doctor they are highly trained and qualified specialists who can recognise and treat, most common eye conditions and abnormalities. They can also detect other serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and brain tumours.

Dispensing Optician

A Dispensing Optician can give advice on spectacle lens, low vision aids and frames. Not all dispensing opticians can advise on contact lenses but here at The Specialist Contact Lens Practice our dispensing opticians have undertaken further qualifications to fit contact lenses in association with an Optometrist.

The Ophthalmologist

A medical Doctor to whom the G.P. or Optometrist refers to in the event of there being any ocular abnormality, disease etc. An Opthalmologist undergoes extensive training and acts as both a physician and surgeon of the eye.

Optical Assistant

An Optical Assistant is usually the first person you will come into contact with when you visit an Opticians. They administer preliminary vision checks before the optometrist or ophthalmologist examines your eyes. The optical assistant will also help you to find frames that best suit your style. Although no previous experience or qualifications are required for the role, we ensure that all our optical assistants receive internal and external optical training.


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