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After Care


As dedicated contact lens practitioners our annual After Care check covers the pathology of the whole eye. This includes screening for eye diseases and undergoing specialist contact lens checks that are vital for ensuring your ocular eye health. Every 2 years we carry out a full sight test for glasses. Even if you are an avid contact lens wearer it is important that everyone has a spare pair of glasses for emergencies.

Just as you should see a dentist once or twice a year, if you wear contact lenses you need to see an optometrist or contact lens practitioner once or twice a year depending on the type of lens you wear.

Advances in technology lead to improvements in lens design and the materials that lenses are made of. These improvements generally mean more comfort, more oxygen getting to the cornea and more choices for some of our more complex patients. Put all of these factors together and the lenses that you have been wearing for years may not be the best ones for you now. That’s why with regular check ups we can examine any changes to your eyes and check the suitability of your current contact lenses.

Your eye health and vision is our number one priority, and our aim is to ensure that wearing contact lenses is a trouble free experience. If we see a potential problem we’ll take corrective action before it becomes an issue.

Wearing Lenses

Whether you are wearing Flexible Oxygen Permeable or Soft Lenses, if you’re spending more time each day taking care of them than you are on brushing your teeth, something is wrong! Routine care for daily lenses involves nothing more than clean hands, a clean lens case and solution.

Daily disposable lenses or monthly sleep ins take up even less of your time as they only need to be inserted once, so no cleaning or storing is involved.


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