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Lens Types

Our Lenses

Contact lenses are our speciality. Whether you already wear contact lenses, you’re thinking about wearing lenses, or you have been told you can’t wear lenses, we may be able to help. Many of our new patients have been told that they aren’t suitable for contact lenses, or have tried and given up because their lenses haven’t been right for them.

In addition to fitting soft and rigid contact lenses from the world’s leading manufacturers, we also fit custom designed lenses from a variety of specialist manufacturers. The best part of our process is the freedom to order whatever we need, from whomever we want, and this freedom is a just a small part of why other practices refer their more complex patients to us.

Brands Fitted

We regularly fit lenses ranging from daily wear to annual wear, single vision, astigmatism and multifocal in soft or rigid materials from all of the leading contact lens manufacturers.

Custom & Bespoke

One thing that sets us apart from other practices is our bespoke lens specialisation. While many of the more popular branded lenses are limited in their fitting and prescription ranges, we supply lenses that have been tailor made to your individual measurements. This means that you’re not expected to compromise on the comfort and vision your contact lenses provide.

We understand that your eyes are as unique as your fingerprints, and often there can be any number of reasons why branded lenses are not the most suitable for you.

Other Lens Types

With so many lens types on offer, it can sometimes be a struggle to figure out which ones best suit your lifestyle and needs. That’s where we can help; our clinicians have over 60 years contact lens fitting experience, and will always make sure their recommendations match your requirements to enable you to lead the life you want to lead without compromise.

Hybrid Soft/Rigid Lenses

Innovations in technology have led to the production of hybrid contact lenses. These specialist lenses have a rigid oxygen permeable centre, for excellent vision, and a soft skirt for extreme comfort.

Offering the best aspects of both soft and rigid contact lenses, they are invaluable for patients with distorted corneas, or those who have been diagnosed with Keratoconus. They’re also available in toric (for astigmatism) and multifocal.

Piggy Back Lenses

This fitting method can be used for some of the more complex visual errors, however with the advent of hybrid contact lenses, it’s not as commonly used. By fitting a soft lens on the cornea with a rigid lens over the top, you achieve increased comfort and vision over either a soft lens or rigid lens alone.

Scleral Lenses

Because of their highly specialist nature, these lenses are mostly supplied by hospital Eye Departments or specialist contact lens practices like ours. They are designed to fit underneath the eyelids, covering the full surface of the eye, and are fitted for patients with Keratoconus or other severe eye conditions.


Over 3 million people in the UK are affected by colour deficiencies also referred to as colour blindness. This is caused by a shortage of certain chemicals in the retina, colour deficiency can range from mild to severe.

ChromaGen™ contact lenses and glasses alter the wavelength of each colour to enhance colour perception and balance out the deficiency.

Neuroscientist Professor John Stein of Oxford University has estimated that approximately one in three people who suffer from dyslexia could suffer from the visual form that can be helped by using special coloured filters. (BBC News 2nd July 2003).

ChromaGenTM Lenses for dyslexia have been developed with these coloured filters and have been clinically proven to improve comprehension and reading and writing accuracy.
For more information on Colour Blindness and Dyslexia go to www.dyslexia-help.co.uk

Toric Lenses

After receiving American Food & Drugs Administration approval, the Biocompatibles Proclear Toric Lens is marketed by CooperVision and millions are being fitted by Contact Lens Practitioners all over the world.

Some patients come to see us knowing they have astigmatism and having been fitted with Toric Lenses, but they still don’t achieve vision as good as with their glasses. If the focusing lens inside the eye is also irregular in shape, the fitted Contact Lens design will twist causing what’s known as lenticular astigmatism.

We use a sophisticated Topographer as a basic procedure for all of our patients, to produce an accurate map of the front surface of the cornea. This immediately tells us how much astigmatism is ‘lenticular’ and how much ‘corneal’. Lenticular astigmatism, contrary to some people’s belief, can be corrected with contacts but usually requires more complex bi-toric lenses as well as the skills of a really experienced Contact Lens Practitioner.

Coloured Lenses

Whether you’re looking for a more dramatic eye colour, or lenses to subtly enhance your natural colour, we have you covered.

If you want something a bit more wild, we’ve got those too. Ideal for Halloween, Comicon or just because, ClearColor will have something to for you and our clinicians will make sure you’re suitable and can handle them safely.


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