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Dry Eyes

The most common symptoms of dry eyes include gritty, red, sore eyes, as well as poor vision. Dry eyes is usually a result from a problem with the tear film which lubricates the eye’s surface. It may occur either as a result of reduced tear production or when the tears evaporate from the surface too quickly.

Dry eyes can affect people of any age but decreased tear production is common as we get older particularly in post-menopausal women. Certain medications have this as a side effect and it is prevalent in long-term contact lens wearers as well as a result of refractive laser eye surgery.

Environmental conditions

Environmental conditions such as air conditioning, air pollution, heating and wind all increase tear evaporation. Concentrated activities such as reading, watching TV and staring at a computer screen decrease the blink rate which adds to the problem. To reduce the environmental effects of dry eye we recommend that every 20 minutes you look away from your screen and if possible look out the window at the furthest object. Also ensure you are not sat in a confined space all day with the heating on high or the air conditioning constantly on. It is important that you get fresh air by opening a window of going outside to give our eyes a break from these environmental conditions.

Medical conditions

Sometimes increased tear evaporation is a result of malfunctioning meibomian glands in the eyelid margins. Certain medical conditions increase the likelihood of dry eyes e.g. autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid conditions and diabetes.


There are a confusing number of products on the market which are aimed at the ‘Dry Eye’ sufferer- from eye drops, to sprays, nutritional supplements, lid wipes, lotions, hot compresses and even mechanical hot steam devices to clear blocked meibomian glands in the eyelids!

This is why we now offer specialist advice at our Dry Eye Clinics – click for more details.

At last! There is no need to trial and error a sequence of products to find the right one for a patient. We can now select just one all our patients who suffer with dry eyes.

Thealoz Duo from Spectrum Thea combines sodium hyaluronate (0.15%) and trehalose (3%) in a hypotonic formulation. Sodium hyaluronate provides long-lasting lubrication and soothing for the ocular surface, whilst trehalose protects the delicate cells on the surface of the eye from dryness and the concentrated salts in the tears of a dry eye. The bottle is easy to use and cleverly designed so that preservatives are no longer required, giving safe, measured drops for three months (300 drops).


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