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Keratoconus is a relatively rare degenerative condition which causes structural changes within the cornea. These changes result in the cornea growing forwards and changing to a more conical shape thus distorting the vision.

Keratoconus is a serious eye condition, but it is also treatable with contact lenses. If the progression of Keratoconus is not physically halted it can ultimately lead to the rupture of the cornea, resulting in blindness.

At the Contact Lens Practice we are experts at working with this condition and have been able to achieve vision up to and above that required to read a number plate at 25 yards. Which is often a desire by many Keratoconus patients to be legally able to drive.

Rigid contact lenses exert a positive amount of pressure over the top of the cornea, allowing the lens to shape the eyes surface for optimal vision. Rigid Oxygen Permeable lenses (also referred to as GPs) are more frequently used to correct Keratoconus. They are made up of a durable plastic that transmits oxygen. Both type of lenses give better vision and improved comfort. Another option is ‘hybrid’ lenses which have a Rigid Oxygen permeable centre attached to a soft peripheral ‘skirt’. These lenses are superbly comfortable and offer excellent visual acuity. They are also available for all the less complex vision errors and can correct astigmatism and be made as varifocals!

Other treatments include: Corneal cross-linking (CXL); Custom soft contact lenses; “Piggybacking” contact lenses (soft lenses with a rigid lens on top); Scleral and semi-scleral lenses.


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