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Myopia is the term used for someone with nearsightedness and is the most common refractive eye error. Myopia is generally caused by the cornea being too pointy or curved. It can be corrected with glasses, refractive surgery or contact lenses.


Myopia is generally discovered in young children and is often a result of one or both parents having the refractive eye error. During the teenage years where the body goes through rapid change, myopia can become worse. This is why it is important that the patient has regular eye tests to help improve vision and if possible slow down the progression.

Myopia can also present itself in adult years. This could be due to a number of factors such as computer and gaming usage or aging.

Myopia Control

With many people being told that they are short sighted there have been a number of techniques used to delay and control the progression of Myopia. Here at the Specialist Contact Lens Practice we can treat myopia using the following methods:

  • Orthokeratology (Overnight vision correction) – has been proven to delay and even halt myopia by correcting the shape of the cornea whilst the patient is sleeping, without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses throughout the day. For more information visit http://www.ortho-k.co.uk/
  • Multifocal Soft Lenses – have different regions of the lens that is responsible for correcting near and far vision. Studies have found that children wearing multifocal contact lenses over a period of 6 months had 54% less myopia progression than children wearing glasses.

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