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Nystagmus most commonly causes the eyes to move involuntarily from side to side in a rapid, swinging motion. It can also cause the eyes to jerk sideways or up and down.

Nystagmus is usually acquired during early infancy but can also develop later in life. The condition can improve slightly as a person reaches adulthood; however, it worsens with tiredness and stress.

Having Nystagmus affects not only the vision but it can also affect the sufferer’s self-confidence. Most people with Nystagmus have some sort of vision limitations because the eyes continually sweep over what they are viewing, making it impossible to obtain a clear image. Some patients with Nystagmus have so many vision problems that they can be considered legally blind.

Contact Lenses are the best alternative for the vast majority who suffer from Nystagmus. With glasses, the eyes constantly sweep back and forth over the sharpest part of the glasses lens, so vision is only clear for fractions of a second. With contacts however, the lenses move with the eyes so the optical centre of the corrective contact lens is always correctly positioned.


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