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Children and Contacts


Contact Lenses are absolutely excellent for children

Contact Lenses can be excellent choice for children especially as they don’t have to worry about breaking their glasses. Babies only a few months old are fitted with contacts it it is medically necessary.

It can take some time and patience when fitting young children with contact lenses, hence so many opticians prefer not to do so. At the contact lens practice, we are happy to work with your child whatever his or her age. Our youngest patient who has Nystagmus was 6 months old when we first fitted her!

Sports and Contact Lenses

Children are often highly motivated to wear Contact Lenses particularly if they dislike wearing glasses, are teased about it at school or play sports.

Contacts are particularly suitable for children who need to wear glasses for sports – even if the glasses have impact-resistant lenses there is still the possibility of the frame breaking if hit by a ball or person. Contacts also provide better peripheral vision which is very important for many sports.

For children who are self conscious about their glasses, contact lenses can do wonders for their self-esteem. In a study conducted in 2007 71% of children aged 8-12 and 79% of teenagers said they preferred wearing contact lenses to glasses.

If your child is uncomfortable wearing glasses or plays sports then come and talk to us and we’ll work to find a solution that works for both you and your child.


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