Dyslexia is a learning issue that mainly affects the person’s reading ability. Often people who have dyslexia find it hard to sound out written words. This can be due to the way their brain processes text and sometimes it may be caused by vision related issues.

Dyslexia and vision doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand, however studies have shown that those with dyslexia often occurs as a result of impaired vision.

Signs of Visual Related Dyslexia

  • Eyestrain when reading
  • Reading slowly
  • Words appearing blurry or moving on the page
  • Difficulty copying off the board

If the condition is mild then eye exercises can sometimes help, alternatively your child may need glasses or contact lenses. As eye tests aren’t always produced at schools it is important to take your child for regular eye tests to rule out any visual impairment. Here at the contact lens practice, our industry experts provide thorough and comprehensive eye tests so you can be rest assured that both you and your child’s eyesight are in the best hands.


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