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Retinoblastoma is cancer of the eye which is most common in children under 5 years of age. It can occur as early as in the womb, and is far less common in adults.

Many people first recognise that their child may have Retinoblastoma by the pupil appearing white in bright lights. Often if a child has cancer of the eye the pupil will show up as a white cloud in photographs. Although this is a very serious condition, if found early enough the child can undergo treatment to preserve their eyesight, but unfortunately in some cases the vision is completely lost.

There is no one cause for Retinoblastoma, it is usually hereditary but it can also be caused by a congenital mutation in the chromosome.

The occasional ‘white’ spot covering your child pupils in photographs is not always a cause for concern however if you notice this regularly then it is important that you take them to a doctor/ health practitioner right away.


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