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About OVC

Overnight Vision Correction, medically referred to as Orthokeratolgy or Ortho-K lenses is a method which allows the patient to correct their vision whilst sleeping. Once awake the patient can see perfectly without glasses or contact lenses for up to 12 hours. It works by gently moulding the cornea whilst your eyes are closed, to create a slightly flatter cornea which is required for perfect vision.

Ortho-K is designed for patients with mild to moderate Myopia (short-sightedness) and is especially ideal for children and those with active lifestyles. Not only does Ortho-K allow perfect vision without the aid of daily contact lenses and glasses, it is also a cheaper and safer alternative to laser eye surgery.

Ortho-K (OVC) is FDA approved for safety and has been available for many years. It is practised by only a limited number of specialists because it requires advanced experience and training in rigid lens fitting plus expensive equipment to ‘map’ the shape of the corneal surface.

At the Specialist Contact Lens Practice we fit several designs of OVC lenses from a number of different laboratories, including I-GO & EyeDream.

To find out more about Overnight Vision Correction please visit our Ortho-K website or contact us here


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