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OVC and Kids

One of the most convenient and safest ways to correct vision in children with myopia (short sightedness) is with Ortho-K. Ortho-K takes away the stress that parents may have about their child damaging or losing their glasses, or having to remove their normal contact lenses whilst at school when playing or taking part in certain activities. With Ortho-K, children will have the freedom to play confidently throughout the day with clear vision.

Children are often the best candidates for overnight vision correction as studies have found that it can slow or even halt the progression of myopia, so not only are overnight lenses an added convenience for children but it can also help to improve their eyesight.

You can confidently send your child to school or let them partake in sport activities knowing their sight has been taken care of. To find out more on children and Ortho-K visit our Ortho-K website or contact us here


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